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Chris Padgett - I've Been Weird My Whole Life

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I've Been Weird My Whole Life

A Comedy Tour - By Chris Padgett
October 19, 2019

After my comedy bit, an older lady came up to me and said, “I had to go to the bathroom but saw you were...Read more

The Happy Place Homestead Show

Coming Soon!
October 19, 2019

We're so stoked to be recording and producing our very own little reality show, featuring none other than the Padget Family in the countryside...Read more

You are, were, and will be loved

This truth will change your life
September 1, 2019

We all want to be seen. We want someone to really "get" who we are, and yet, there is a fear of truly being...Read more

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The Padgetts At Happy Place Homestead

Chris and Linda are recording their very own reality show...

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Happy Place Homestead Show - Teaser

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