Book Chris for your next event

Whether you simply have a question or whether you’re ready to book Chris for your next event...  please call Chris Padgett at (941) 704-3394 or send him an email at You may also contact or have been contacted by his booking agent (and daughter) Hannah McDonnell


The normal stipend to bring Chris Padgett in is $2,500, and this can be modified depending upon the amount of talks, days and parish budgetary needs. Your stipend supports Chris, Linda, and their nine kids. The Padgett Family recognizes that economic difficulties can often stunt ministry efforts, therefore, they are committed to doing whatever it takes to make things work.


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This is what you fill out and sign to make his coming official.

This is what Chris will need you to provide on site.

Safe Environment and Good Standing

Chris has completed the safe environment program offered through the Diocese of Syracuse, New York and has been fingerprinted. He’s clean. *Whew!*

Need bona fide proof?
Download this letter of good standing from the Catholic Diocese of Syracuse, New York.

Chris and Linda Padgett