I regularly create talks specifically for each group that I meet.

You can certainly choose any talk below (even parts of one or another) and know that I will be able to meet your request.  If you have a theme already selected, that works!

From building a curriculum for a youth camp, developing parish missions, or any variation of a theme, I will be able to blend storytelling & comedy into a truly Catholic presentation.

Conversion Story

There’s No Place Like Rome

Talks on Chastity

The Power of Purity
Truly loving someone is to help the other become the saint they are called to be.

Return to Chastity
Even if you have made a mistake God can not only forgive you but also call you to reach countless people through your witness of dependency upon Him.

Not Ready For Marriage, Not Ready for Sex
Chris and Linda Padgett share how they met in high school and found hope in pursuing purity.

What is Love
The importance of sacrifice, service mediation and advocating for our significant other.

Talks on Spirituality

A Spirituality One Can Live With
Based on Chris’ book, this talk encourages a practical spirituality for the average layperson.

Developing a Marian Spirituality
How do we understand Mary’s role in our life?  What practical things can we learn about Our Lady from the Church?  How does Mary help us in our real life?  These questions and more are unpacked in this talk.

Establishing Habits of Holiness
Begging for the Grace, Willing the Good, in the moment are three ways to begin a healthy spiritual momentum.

Slaying the Giants
This talk works at giving insight on how to gain victory over our vices.  What Goliath is in your life?

Get Out of the Boat
A reflection on Matthew 14 where Jesus walks on the water.  We need to trust in Christ during our storms since only he can bring us victory.

Blessed, Broken, Given
Bringing our small gifts to Jesus can become a great source of nourishment to others.

Talks on Marriage and Family

The Basics
This talk looks at nine basic principles that will assist marriages.  The points are given with personal insights from Chris and Linda based on over twenty years of marriage and raising nine children.  The principles are grounded in practicality, tied to the Cardinal and Theological Virtues, and sprinkled with some humor.

Healing in our Home
Fixing the problems is not done in one moment.  It took us years to dig ourselves into a hole and it will take some time to get out, but we serve a God of new beginnings.  The great news is that He wants our families to be a holy witness, a healthy environment, and an oasis of renewal.

Christian Marriage
This is a synthesis of many of the points Chris teaches in his college class at Franciscan University.

Talks on the Blessed Mother

Our Top Model
Looking at the dignity of who we are through the life of Mary.

There’s Something About Mary
How the four Marian Dogmas teach us about truly living the faith.

Wholly Mary Mother of God
This talk is based on Chris’ book.

Talks for Men

Being a Man
If it isn’t about athletics, power tools, and beating on our chest, then what does it mean to be a man?  We are called to greatness and this is best demonstrated in our willingness to sacrifice and serve.

Good St. Joseph
Looking at the life of St. Joseph can offer a new perspective on how to truly be a man.

Youth Talks

Called to be a Saint
How can we truly be a saint?  It may seem impossible but God has an adventure waiting for us if we’ll just say yes.

Don’t Stop Believing
Living our faith in this day and age can be so difficult!  Trusting in the communion of saints, the power of the sacraments, and the community of believers can give us the strength we need to take another step.

Ongoing Conversion
Practical tools to grow in our walk with Christ.

Ripple Effect
How our choices impact ourselves and others.  We reach more people then we have ever realized.  How to make these moments of impact more positive than negative.

Foundations of Catholicism
This is an overview of the foundational truths of our Catholic faith.  It explores our Biblical, Christological, Pneumatalogical, Ecclesial, and Moral roots.

Parish Missions

Missions are generally a few days where talks will build upon one another, catered specifically to those in the audiences. These themes can be developed per parish specifications.

Called to Be Saints

Take up your Cross

Golgotha to Easter

Keynote from Steubenville Mid-America 2011

Redemptive Suffering

Little Kid Chris
Life on the Rock
Chris Padgett
Chris In A Tie
Chris B&W